AR Collection Solution Inc. has ethical ways and professional procedures that they follow and strongly believe in. The results have proved to me that they really work!
- Sarah Lam
Delta, BC
I have no hesitation in recommending AR Collection Solution Inc. Within two months of hiring this company, they succeeded in collecting delinquent accounts dating as far back as two years.


AR Collection Solution Inc. proved to be efficient and provided the personal professional service one looks for and appreciates in a business. All matters were dealt with quickly and all necessary avenues were taken in locating the principals involved while keeping me informed at all times.


In a case that went to Court, AR Collection Solution Inc. attended the hearing and explained the procedures and had all the required documents at hand. Success was due to the hard work and commitment of AR Collection Solution Inc.

- Lloyd Chin-Shue
Vancouver, BC
AR Collection Solution Inc. did a fantastic job and provided excellent service in collecting past due monies. They are very organized, with perfect performance and results to date. Their charges are fair and reasonable; they performed their tasks with professionalism and a high technical ability.
- Sam Karimi
Richmond, BC
The service given by AR Collection Solution Inc. has been excellent. I received up to date reporting frequently. The results have been much better than I expected. The invoicing is professional and completely straight forward. I would recommend AR Collection Solution Inc. to anyone and will continue to use this service as long as I own my business.
- Brigit Nomura
Ladner, BC
AR Collection Solution Inc. has done an excellent job in chasing down my very delinquent accounts. They take time to track debtors and gets results. Money has been brought in from accounts that I had given up any hope of getting. AR Collection Solution Inc. works really hard and gets results.
- Jim Dickson
Richmond, BC
We would like to extend our thanks to AR Collection Solution Inc. for its efforts in resolving our delinquent accounts. Your team was able to produce excellent results and we were very happy in the manner it was conducted. We are always happy to work with honest and ethical companies such as AR Collection Solution Inc. and we would highly recommend them to any company that needs collection services.
- Jay Mallan
Burnaby, BC
I was extremely impressed AR Collection Solution Inc. was able to collect funds on a previous account, I thought I’d better try them again on a new case. Thanks again for doing such a great job and we will certainly keep AR Collection Solution Inc. in our tool box.
- Gretchen Jones
Surrey, BC
The AR Collection Solution team is fantastic! We had two outstanding invoices, one very overdue and not convinced we would be able to close out these invoices and collect from these particular clients, but with AR Collection Solution’s help, we were successful! Months of trying to collect and connect with these clients, and they did it with ease and no stress for us.


The team is fast acting, easy to communicate with, empathized with us, and worked quickly to help us resolve these credit issues. I highly recommend the services of AR Collection Solution. They are the go-to collections agency to resolve non-payments.

- Emily MacDonald
Burnaby, BC
A few years ago, when I had some delinquent receivable accounts, I hired the services of AR Collection Solution Inc. To my pleasant surprise they closed every single one!


I truly admire the way they seek the information and skills necessary to complete the job. Their work is perfect, in that I only had to turn up at Court, state my name, and pick up my cheque. The entire process was completed to perfection, without any problems because of their diligence and attention to detail. They’re punctual and reliable.


Metaphorically, they have the persistence and tenacity of a pit bull and the cunning of a bounty hunter. Do not hesitate to contact AR Collection Solution Inc. for all of your collection needs.

- Richard Farrell
Surrey, BC
AR Collection Solution Inc. exceeded our expectations. They were very prompt and professional and I like the way they went about collecting our money. Payments were received quickly and I would recommend them to others.
- Sonja Genosa
Richmond, BC
This is an endorsement to the excellent service provided by AR Collection Solution. Our file was pursued for a long period of time and at the end of this process, we were paid in full! They had to find the debtor with no information but a name. They managed this (not an easy task) and did not back off until we were paid in full. We will most certainly use this business again should the unfortunate need arise.


Thanks for a job well done AR Collection Solution.

- Blake and Laurel Pearce
Smithers, BC
I just wanted to write to say thank you very much AR Collection Solution Inc. for your help collecting the money that was owed to me. I just received the cheque from you in the mail yesterday. I can’t believe you were able to collect on the full amount too! When I first contacted AR Collection Solution Inc. for help, I was scared that I was never going to get any money for the work I did.


I am very impressed and appreciative of the work AR Collection Solution Inc. did, and the advice that was given to me during all of this. I’ll be sure to recommend AR Collection Solution Inc. to any other businesses I know having problems collecting money that they are owed.

- Michael Groenendyk
Montreal, Quebec
AR Collection Solution Inc. has been effectively helping our company with our collection problems since 2015. The services are performed competently and professionally with results delivered in a fast and effective manner. Their rates are reasonable and will only be obliged to pay when collections are received. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend AR Collection Solution to organizations with collection issues. Great Job!
- Bacil Francisco, CPA, CGA
Port Coquitlam, BC
I’m really very seriously impressed. I am so impressed that you collected from this customer.
- Brenda McCallum
Vancouver, BC